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Strong growth: 1988-1993

The 80’s was a time for strong growth. Hedengren’s 70th anniversary was celebrated with grand festivities at the Dipoli restaurant. More than 600 people viewed a swinging spectacle of Hedengren’s history and had a good time, dining, dancing and enjoying themselves.

In August 1990 a subsidiary, Oy Hedengren Data Ab, was established specializing in personal computers, monitors and their accessories.

In the years of recession 1991-1994 Hedengren battled hard against the tides – and kept itself above water.

On 10th December 1991 an agreement was concluded which made Hedengren the owner of ESMI’s share of the building in Lauttasaari.

In January 1993 the direct sales unit was converted into an independent subsidiary registered as Oy Hedi Ab.

By the turn of the year 1993-94 Hedengren bought SLO Communications. Together with the already existing sector for professional video, a new subsidiary was founded, Oy HedCom Ab, today one of the leading importers and suppliers of professional video, audio and stage & TV studio lighting systems.

The 75th anniversary of the company in 1993 was not celebrated. “There is no reason to celebrate when the whole nation suffers from the recession and its consequences”, Bror Johansson declared. The anniversary was celebrated later by visiting the new National Opera where “The Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss was performed.

In 1993 a subsidiary was established in Tallinn, Estonia, A/S Hedengren Eesti, to promote sales in the Baltic States.

In 1993 Hedengren set up a sales office in St. Petersburg, which became a subsidiary in 1996 registered as AO HedTech, to coordinate sales in Russia.