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Facing a new millenium: 1998-2008

On the 1st of March 1999 a change of generation took place within the family company. Bror Johansson, Counsellor of Commerce, retired from his position as Chairman of the Board and passed on the gavel to Berndt Johansson, MSc (econ.), representing the third generation. He will carry on as Chairman on a full-time basis.

In the same year, Oy Hedengren Ab became the parent company responsible for the joint functions of the Group. Jörg Robertz, MSc (econ.), was appointed managing director of the parent company when the managing director for many years, Björn Lönnberg, retired on a pension. The business activities were transformed into three subsidiaries: Oy Hedtec Ab, Oy Hedpro Ab and Oy Hedoy Ab.

The volatile global economy cast a shadow on the beginning of the new millennium and the economic growth was slow in Europe. In spite of that, Hedengren succeeded in improving result and self-sufficiency.

Large-scale project deliveries, brisker demand in the consumer technology sector and development of the activities contributed to the increase in turnover.

In 2005 the security business activities expanded, now including emergency exit light systems (Oy Neptolux Ab) and Internet based sales of components for security systems (Oy Neptosec Ab).

In 2006 an office was established in Stockholm, Sweden to promote the continuously growing security business.

In the spring of 2007 the Group structure was reorganized to become more distinct by dividing the business operations into four groups: Consumer technology, Building technology, Security technology and AV and broadcast technology.

Hedengren celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2008. We will celebrate the year committed to working with a view to further develop a vigorous and successful centenary Hedengren. The present strong business lines will increase their supply of products and consolidate customer relationships at home and abroad.