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Depression and war: 1928-1948

In 1928 Hedengren turned over a new leaf in its history as electric shop. The shop was closed down and the enterprise concentrated its efforts on import and wholesale. Up to then Hedengren had used every modern sales promotion means available. Besides advertising, the company participated in fairs and arranged product demonstrations regularly. Recognition and a diploma were awarded in a shop-window lighting competition.

At the beginning of the 30’s the depression was still a fact. But soon better times would come. The construction of hotel Torni had started. This hotel was the first building in Finland that was completely operational with electricity; neither wood nor gas were used for heating and lighting. Hedengren conquered a new field and established itself as a leading electric contractor and at the inauguration of the hotel 19.3.1931 this monumental work could be viewed from all over the city.

A subsidiary company, AB Elektrosignal Sähkömerkki OY, was founded in 1936. Today the company is known as Oy ESMI Ab.

At the beginning of 1938 the “Autopalatsi” building was completed and in 1940 Hedengren moved in there, now having an area of 1,600 square metres at its disposal. Oy Esmi Ab housed an area of 900 square metres in the same building.

During the war about one third of the staff was called up for army service. Hedengren paid a so- called reservist’s salary to those people. Time set it’s mark on the demand; fans for wood-gas generators, relays, starting motors etc. were produced.