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Years of reconstruction: 1948-1978


In 1948 Einar Johansson was appointed Counsellor of Commerce.

In the 40’s and 50’s Hedengren extended its product range considerably. The security sector, today one of the most significant suppliers of security systems in Finland, started its operations in the middle of the fifties. Also development of the company’s own production continued. For instance manufacture of Hedoy engine-block heaters started in 1951.

The department for household machines moved into new facilities in 1952. One of the most popular products was the Electrolux vacuum cleaner, which had been imported since 1945. In 1972 the brand Electrolux was replaced by Volta, also manufactured by the Electrolux factory. The Electrolux brand remained for vacuum cleaners sold directly to the households. Direct sales of vacuum cleaners started in 1960.

In 1960 Hedengren moved to new facilities, 6000 square metres large. The name was registered in its present form, OY HEDENGREN AB.

Einar Johansson passed away 31.10.1961 at the age of 69. The next day his son DI Bror Johansson, well trained by his father to lead the company, started at the helm.

“Our own office building is a very important part in Hedengren’s future plans.” This was broadcast in the news in 1968, the same year the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. Five years earlier, the subsidiary ESMI had acquired an old factory building in the suburban of Helsinki. The office building, housing both Hedengren and Esmi, was completed in December 1969. The site was planned as a small-industrial area and the building had to be constructed accordingly.